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The Club has been formed with the permission of Mrs. Sally McNally who is the daughter of Jan Bussell and Ann Hogarth. Sally has kindly given permission for the club to use Muffin’s name and image. She holds the copyright.

The aims of the club are: to bring together news and information on obtaining items through dealers, swaps or sales of duplicate items with other club members, help with auction searches and the opportunity to read a personal account about Muffin and his fellow Hogarth puppets.

In the spirit of the original Muffin Club, when membership raised money to provide disabled children with television sets, the Club is non-profit making. The membership fee is used to cover the expenses of the club and monies left at the end of each year is donated to charities designated by Sally McNally. The charities are ‘Freshfields’ a donkey sanctuary which also caters for children with special needs and “The Friends of Lyndon House” a respite care centre for children with special needs. Click here for more information. In our first two years, we have donated £290 to each of the charities.

Three newsletters per year cover a “swaps/for sale” section, contributions from club members and, most importantly, Sally McNally is providing a history of Muffin and the Hogarth puppets. Her contributions to the newsletters give us a unique insight into the world of the Hogarth puppets and the shows with Annette Mills and the BBC. Members also have an opportunity to meet Sally and the puppets.

I hope that this information is helpful and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to become a member of the club please fill in your details below, click "Send" and I shall pass on to you a membership form for you to sign and send back to me with a cheque for £16.00, or £18.00 (sterling) if you live outside the UK.

The last two Enamel Membership badges - numbers 99 & 100 will be issued this year. For 16.00, membership includes badge** plus three newsletters and a unique Christmas card per year.

**In future, new members will receive a different gift with their membership.
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