Written in three sections the book combines both historical information and memorabilia in an entertaining and well researched volume.

pp.120. 24cmx16cm format. 20 b/w photographs; 148 colour photographs

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'A long overdue commemoration of 60 years of Muffin The Mule with memories and memorabilia. Adrienne Hasler has drawn together a wide range of material on all the contributors to the history of Muffin including its creators within the Hogarth Marionettes (Jan Bussell, Ann Hogarth, Annette Mills, Alfred Gilson, and Sally McNally). Muffin the Mule transferred from live theatre to television and became one of the world's most famous marionettes. The diary entries under the title of memories from Sally McNally are a real treat and the Memorabilia chapter is of interest to collectors and non-collectors alike. All those interested in the history of UK puppet theatre in the latter half of the last century should find something of interest'. Malcolm Knight Scottish Masks and Puppet Centre

'It is a well-produced book that deals with the history of the popular puppet and includes a useful guide to nostalgic Muffin collectables that are widely sought after today. There is a useful scarcity guide within its pages which sensibly avoids unpredictable monetary values, but indicates (and illustrates) the commoner and rarer items of Muffin memorabilia available to collectors'. Jack Tempest Antiques & Collectables for Pleasure and Profit - Australian publication

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